When Ecstasy Turns to Misery

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When Ecstasy Turns to MiseryBy Joe Schimmel

In an ABC news story entitled “Study: Teen Ecstasy Use Rising Fast,” the author states, “Experts say the big problem with Ecstasy is its image — one that is so positive, it is almost as though some clever marketing wizard came up with a campaign for it.” No doubt about it, the illegal drug Ecstasy is being glamorized before millions of impressionable young people, who are totally unaware of its deadly dangers. And yes, there is a wizard of sorts, as we shall see, working behind the scenes, pulling the strings!
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Cory Monteith (Glee): Another Tragic Substance Abuse Ending

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Cory Monteith GleeCory Allan Michael Monteith played the roll of Finn Hudson, jock turned show-tune singer in Fox’s hit television series Glee. Born in Calgary, Canada, and raised in Victoria, Canada, Monteith was a troubled teen with a substance abuse problem from age 13. After an intervention by family and friends, he entered drug rehabilitation at age 19 and began rebuilding his life. On March 31, 2013, the media announced that Monteith had admitted himself into a treatment facility. A source says the actor spent time at the Betty Ford Center in California and at the Crossroads Centre, a drug and alcohol addiction rehab center in Antigua.
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